Why Work at City Light

At City Light, we invest in early-stage tech companies that use their core product to make the world safer, smarter, and more sustainable. Over the last 17 years, we have generated meaningful financial returns for our investors by reducing gunshot-related crime, improving access to high-quality education, reducing stress and anxiety, saving energy, reducing emissions, increasing skills to assist with employment, and treating addiction, all while just getting started.

We view ourselves as a start-up and do not simply operate as a traditional fund. We’re constantly learning, iterating, experimenting, and building technology to help with deal flow, operational efficiency and to better serve our investors and entrepreneurs. We are innovative and moldable, willing to disrupt traditional businesses and ourselves to achieve our mission. We have a strong brand and platform, but we want to add new team members who can push us to exceed our already high expectations.

With success comes opportunity. We are looking to grow our team and are excited about the prospect of new team members bringing new ideas, new perspectives, new experiences, and new relationships to City Light. Over the next few years, we will be building the world’s pre-eminent, data-driven impact investing platform. We will have more data, work with more entrepreneurs, raise more capital, and have more impact than ever before. We will improve our deal sourcing, marketing, impact measurement, portfolio management, investor relations, and value add. Come help us be better.

City Light is a place where we want you to make your mark. We are a team united by the desire to have a measurable social impact. We want to make money the right way.



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City Light Capital

City Light is a Venture Capital firm that invests early in impactful companies. https://citylight.vc