Startup Positivity — Week 12

Over the last few weeks we’ve highlighted the fantastic work that the City Light portfolio teams are doing to make the world smarter and safer. This week, we continue with three stories from companies on the frontlines of safety and healthcare.

The entrepreneurs with whom we are fortunate enough to partner are working on solutions that the world needs now more than ever. They are still on the front lines providing care, reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing access to education and energy.

This week, we’re also sharing news from some fellow travellers’ portfolios.

We are not the kind of people or firm that gets quiet or sits on our hands when things get tough. We do not let the news or the red on the stock screens discourage us. We will be smart, empathetic, patient and thoughtful, while also being present, helpful, active and open for business (while upholding all social distancing recommendations). We will be helping our existing companies navigate their new realities, both positive and negative. We will continue to make new investments and to provide follow-on funding as warranted.

Andonix automates front-line work in industrial age companies like the auto industry through a SaaS platform that connects people, process and place to improve training, productivity, and safety.

There are 25 million front-line workers in the US, including first responders, utility workers, farmers, food distributors and grocers. Many of these employees have been sent home from work due to health risks, disrupting operations and preventing workers from receiving a steady cash flow. Now, as states begin to reopen and employees are returning to work, it is critical for employers to prioritize the health and safety of their staff in order to prevent the spread of the virus. An important component of this is having access to the necessary PPE — which, unfortunately, not all employers do.

To ensure that workers can safely return to their posts, Andonix launched the “Safely Storefront”, which arms front-line workers with the proper PPE to stay safe amidst the global pandemic. Complementing the company’s free wellness monitoring application, Safely Pass™, the new storefront will make the necessary gear accessible and affordable to companies that employ front-line workers, enabling the blue collar army to return to work safely.

Orbita’s powerful conversational AI platform enables healthcare organizations to cost-effectively create and manage HIPAA-compliant virtual healthcare assistants for consumer and clinical applications that increase patient engagement, reduce the cost of care, and improve outcomes.

Doctors’ offices and hospitals are slowly reopening for non-COVID patients, but for the 25% of American adults considered to be at high risk for contracting the coronavirus, returning to in-person care may not be a viable option. Telehealth and telemedicine go part of the way towards serving these patients’ health needs during the pandemic, but they run the risk of getting overwhelmed; there are only so many appointments doctors and other healthcare professionals can schedule.

Orbita allows these healthcare workers to connect directly to their patients through a chatbot that engages and communicates with them directly. Since the onset of COVID, Orbita has launched three new free functionalities to screen, support, and manage patient populations. The platform allows for doctors to keep serving their patients while keeping them happy and healthy.

Thanks to our friends at Newark Venture Partners for this story!

CareAcademy combines engaging online caregiver training and easy-to-use technology to empower senior home care professionals and agency owners.

The COVID-19 public health emergency has caused many home care agencies to turn to online training to get around social-distancing barriers. CareAcademy, a training platform for home care professionals, helps these agencies do exactly that — and has just been empowered by a $9.5 million Series A to do so.

Looking ahead at the coming months, CareAcademy has centered courses around training for a variety of subjects, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and comorbidities in relation to COVID-19. Over 110,000 home care professionals are currently enrolled in CareAcademy courses.

Shoutout to Rethink Impact for sharing this story!

These are just a few examples of why we are convinced that tomorrow will be better than today. It can help to take a moment to recognize the amazing work being done by entrepreneurs and their startup companies.

To that end, if you have inspiring stories about entrepreneurs making a difference that you would like to share, please send them to us at We are sure that our community of investors, entrepreneurs and change makers could use a smile and a reminder that we are not alone.

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